We promote / distribute films at Film Festivals.


Short Film has a life and the first two years is the most imperative. The film festival is the first distribution Channel For short films as it can exploit most benefits.

Feature film can choose film festival or theatrical distribution as its first distribution Channel or promote in both channels simultaneously and still yield more benefits.

 Since there is no specific budget to promote any film, talk to us about the costing of distribution/promotion of your films. 



We do Soft skill training for schools, colleges and corporate houses.


Goal Setting, Spoken English, Media Literacy, Leadership, Motivation, Presentation, Time Management, Personality Development & Effective learning.


A wonderful group of qualified and experienced trainers are available to handle the above mentioned training program.

Kindly give us 2 weeks of advance notice for conducting training program on any specific topics. 



We hunt for buyers who would be interested in your project and finally seal the deal.


The best benefit that can be availed by the creators of audio visual media is through sales. This gives the makers the opportunity to earn the money already invested and to pursue new projects.

If you are interested, do call us so we can work out the best plan possible. 



We do Audiovisual Subtitling Translation services from Tamil to English.


A Film, made in any other language, needs proper English subtitles to be exhibited to an international audience. If proper grammar and aesthetic sense is missing, then the film may not convey the right meaning. Based on our experience we have noticed that there are a lot of errors and so every film requires proper scrutiny. We are available to do fresh subtitle content writing and also to check for errors in already done written content.


Distribution/promotion/sales of an audiovisual work in the global market, is an art in itself and requires focused, committed, organized, resourceful work. To accomplish this you need professional help from a World Sales Agent, who understands that every film - a feature or a short, requires the right audience. Each film is important which conveys valuable messages, ideals and knowledge. If the film is not given its right audience then justice is not served. That is where JD MEDIA PROMOTIONS comes in. World Sales Agent knows how to choose the right audience for every film. As a World Sales Agent we connect filmmakers to the exhibitors (Films Festivalsworldwide, distributors) 

We represent your work before the exhibitors to ensure that each film gets unlimited prospects to receive maximum number of awards, monetary and non-monetary benefits apart from protecting your rights in the process. 

With our experience we make sure no opportunities are lost because of insufficient planning. We distribute films at Film Festivals using the most optimal cost possible.

We include your work on our website catalogue for increasing the publicity and marketing. In order to distribute/promote a film we offer a transparent distribution agreement for independent filmmakers.

We do all this work for a small service charge and commission. 



Each film is handled individually with a specific plan.

  • Generate a custom list of national and International film festivals which are currently open 
  • Promote the short and feature films at qualifying Film Festivals.
  • Provide guidance and assessment in preparing the Electronic Promotional Material 
  • Preparing a personalized distribution strategy based on the budget (National & International Best festivals)
  • Selecting the festivals where each work adapts the best (Note: depends on each film)
  • Submission of Film Entries in tune with each festival’s requirements 
  • Monitoring the results obtained and updating the promotional material accordingly
  • Coordinating all follow-up work upon selection at festivals.
  • After the film has done its festival run then the film is pushed for sales on cable/satellite and digital platforms.

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  • Showcase your films to the maximum number of people.
  • Use your award winning feature films/short films to get new projects from the relevant film industry.
  • The only way to get recognition for short films/feature films work is by promoting it at festivals ( in-case the theatrical distribution doesn’t happen)
  • Get appreciation from people around the world belonging to all walks of life
  • Save time and energy for new projects while the process of promotion/distribution for your existing project is being taken care of. 
  • Every award you receive for your work will in turn get you recognition from who’s who of the film industry.
  • By exhibiting your work at international festivals you stand a chance to sell your work, get best directors and producers of various countries to make a feature based on your work. 
  • Use your award winning short films/music videos as an entry into the film industry.
  • When your work gets an award at a festival you get a chance to visit that festival and be a part of the Directors and producers meet. (Note: Applicable to festivals which provide food, travel and accommodation)

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.